In the realm of utility system maintenance, precision and thoroughness are paramount. The introduction of Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV) inspections has revolutionized the assessment and maintenance of utility pipelines, offering an extensive scope that reaches beyond the limitations of traditional inspection methods. Let’s delve into the capabilities of CCTV inspections, exploring their reach across various pipe diameters, depths, and otherwise inaccessible areas within utility systems.

1. Versatile Coverage Across Diverse Pipe Diameters 

We can inspect pipes 6” to 52” and box culverts.

CCTV inspections boast adaptability across a wide range of pipe diameters. Whether dealing with small or large pipes, these inspections can navigate through different sizes with ease. Cameras attached to flexible cables can traverse pipes as small as a 6 inches in diameter to large-scale conduits used in industrial settings, ensuring a comprehensive assessment regardless of size.

2. Penetrating Depths for Thorough Assessments:

One of the standout features of CCTV inspections is their ability to reach significant depths within utility systems. Equipped with technology capable of maneuvering through extensive lengths of pipelines, these inspections can delve into depths of up to 500ft.

3. Access to Inaccessible Areas:

Accessibility is often a challenge in utility systems, with certain sections being inherently difficult to reach. CCTV inspections offer a solution by accessing otherwise inaccessible areas. Their flexibility allows them to navigate around bends, corners, and tight spaces that might be challenging for manual inspections. This capability ensures that even the most secluded or confined portions of the system are not overlooked during assessments. As long as we can drive there and have an accessible water source we can perform an inspection.

4. Comprehensive Insights for In-Depth Analysis:

The detailed footage captured during CCTV inspections offers unparalleled insights. This visual data provides technicians and analysts with a comprehensive view of the system’s interior, enabling meticulous analysis of the pipelines’ condition. From identifying cracks, corrosion, blockages, to assessing structural integrity, CCTV inspections offer a level of scrutiny that significantly surpasses traditional inspection methods.

The scope and coverage of CCTV inspections in utility systems represent a paradigm shift in maintenance practices. Their adaptability across diverse pipe diameters, ability to penetrate significant depths of up to 500ft, and access to otherwise inaccessible areas ensure a thorough assessment. By leveraging advanced technology, CCTV inspections empower utility managers with precise insights, facilitating proactive maintenance strategies and enhancing the overall health and efficiency of utility systems.

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